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Small business owner in Toronto, Canada!

With Dr. Cynthia Mathieu: psychologist, professor, and researcher.

Another Monday morning in the office and you’re standing by the coffee machine. Your colleague approaches you and mentions that your manager’s new idea is revolutionary! They explain it, only for you to realize that it’s your idea and your boss has claimed it as their own. You confront your boss, but they deny it. What do you do? Though maybe that’s not the question we should be asking. How did your boss get to that position of power in the first place? Dark personalities in the workplace can have dire consequences. For this article…

And About Embracing Progress

Animated Gif inspired by the Jetsons
Animated Gif inspired by the Jetsons

When I tell my friends about my 80-year-old grandparents, they are fascinated with how modern they are! They own an electric car, watch Netflix on their iPad and Zoom their grandchildren. To me, it’s no surprise! For as long as I can remember, Grand-Maman and Grand-Papa always embraced modern ways.

My grandfather and my grandmother were born in 1939 and 1941 respectively. They witnessed the advent of televisions, the moon landing, two referendums, the fall of the Berlin Wall and the birth of the internet! …

Expert Says Small Cities are Growing Fast!

Animated drawing of cars in Toronto
Animated drawing of cars in Toronto

As I walk out my front door, I smell the food carts lining the busy downtown streets and hear chatter and sirens off in the distance. I get an email notifying me of the latest concerts. The excitement of the city is palpable. This is what people dream of. Right?

I was born and raised in Trois-Rivières, a small town of about 140 000 people, located an hour from Montréal. In my early 20s, I packed my bags and moved to Toronto, the largest city in Canada. …

Guillaume Huppé

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